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Rochester, NY /

Attention Software SoloPreneurs...

Jeff Wigal wrote

Hey all--

Wanted to let you know about a great conference coming up in April called MicroConf. If you haven't heard of it, it's a conference for small self-funded software companies, put on by Rob Waling (Drip) and Mike Taber (Moon River Software), also the hosts of the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast. 

I've been to MicroConf the last 4 years, and it's a great place to meet and talk with other people who are building/running their own SaaS and software product businesses without VC or angel funding.  There's a lot of freelancers and consultants who want to build/sell their own products. You'll also find quite a few people who are full-time employees for a company and building a SaaS business on the side (nights & weekends), with the thought of taking their side business full-time. 

The presenters are top-notch, very much focused on tactical advice to help build your software product business without outside funding. Attendees are frequently solo founders or run small (like < 5 people) SaaS companies, you can find videos from past conferences on their website.

This year they are splitting the conference into two conferences, "Growth" (April 9th-11th) for companies generating full-time income, and "Starter" (April 11th-13th) for companies that are not. 

If it sounds interesting, get on the mailing list ASAP over at  It isn't a large conference (<300 people) and has sold out in the past within a couple of hours of tickets going on sale. Tickets will be going on sale relatively soon (within a week or two)... if you aren't on the mailing list, I can guarantee you won't get a ticket.

Have yet to meet anyone from the Rochester area at MicroConf. I know there are other SaaS people in the area that would benefit. 

I'm happy to answer questions if you have them. Hit me up if you end up going, would love to meet up with you.

Jeff Wigal

BlueZebra Sports 

Larry Meyer wrote

I couldn't make it to Microconf but it sounds good.

There are some podcasts that talk about it.

"Startups for the Rest of Us" episode 336 Key Takeaways from Microconf Vegas 2017

"Rogue Startups" podcast Episode RS088 Microconf 2017 Recap

Larry Meyer

Jeff Wigal wrote

Yeah it was a really good conference. Highly recommend it!

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Raymond Knapp wrote

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